Ultra-realistic ‘digital sex headsets’ will allow you to enjoy a virtual reality romp with your favourite celebrity crush


BY JOSHUA TAYLOR | 17:51, 20 DEC 2016 | UPDATED 11:09, 22 DEC 2016 | Mirror


You could soon have ultra-realistic sex with your favourite celebrity crush using virtual reality headsets, a technology expert said.

New equipment coming on to the market in the gaming industry could be utilised for the most realistic porn ever.

Prof Lynne Hall, from the University of Sunderland’s computing, engineering and technology department, said virtual reality headsets are becoming cheaper and more sophisticated.

She said: “If you want to be Kate Winslet standing in front of Leonardo DiCaprio, that can happen.

Leonardo DiCaprio
Users could have sex with Leonardo DiCaprio in virtual reality, the expert says (Photo: Getty)



“The porn sector will do this if there’s a lot of money in it and there will be a lot of money in it.”

Prof Hall added: “Leisure sex is increasingly socially acceptable and pornography is very widely accessed.

“We live very small lives dominated by smartphones. This fits very well into that lifestyle.”

Woman trying virtual reality headset
The porn sector would be interested if money was involved – and there would be, Prof Hall said

Prof Hall was speaking at the Love and Sex with Robots second international congress at Goldsmiths, University of London, as she presented a research paper called ‘sex with robots for love-free encounters’.

The paper explores the “technological advances for pornography and their relevance for such fantasy sex robots… through the integration of virtual reality, tele-dildonics, soft and wearable robots”.

It says robotics could “support love-free sexual pleasure… across a range of domains”.