Sex robot ‘affairs’: Women face fight for men in bedroom as blokes hook up with cyborgs


By Lily Waddell /

GIRLFRIENDS will have to compete with sex robots in the bedroom as their boyfriends are set to hook up with android lovers, Daily Star Online can reveal.


CRAZY: Sex robots run the risk of kicking women out of the bedroom for good
Fellas in relationships are going to bag more sex, an expert has revealed.Despite popular belief  were for lonely men, men have revealed they are going to have hot affairs with robots.Nearly half of blokes are “open minded” to the idea of  and it doesn’t matter if they have a girlfriend, an expert has revealed.essica Szczuka, of University Duisburg-Essen, in Germany, said: “Being in a relationship doesn’t mean sexual fulfilment.

“Sex is a very important part of social interaction.”

Humans will form “very special” relationships and have sex with androids who have female bodies, the expert told Goldsmith’s Love and Sex with Robots conference in London.

She added: “There is no difference between single men and men in relationships with regard to the intention to buy a sex robot now or within the next five years. [If they could].

“They are not just for lonely men.”

Blokes – between aged 18 and 67 – engaged in Ms Szczuka’s study investigating whether “sex robots are attractive”.

As many as 263 took part in the online survey.


SPECIAL: Men will develop special relationships with their sex robots.
A staggering 40.3% of men revealed they would fork out for an android lover now or in the next five years.Top cyborg developer Matt McMullen previously told Daily Star Online how robots are going to be a “third option” for buyers.He also said .