Adrian Cheok will be giving keynote speech at Visual SG 2016 Singapore Science Center

Professor Adrian David Cheok will be giving a keynote speech at Visual SG 2016 Forum in the Singapore Science Center.

Speech Title: Everysense Everywhere Human Communication

Venue: Maxwell Auditorium, Singapore Science Center

Date: 1.30pm, 22 July 2016



Visual SG is South East Asia’s signature Visualisation Festival. The Festival profiles data
science through its bold emphasis on the visual aesthetics, insights and narratives that reside
in data. Envisaged as both a serious study and playful showcase, Visual SG presents a full
on visual spectacle of data through the lens of artistic and creative expression. Through its
line-up of interactive displays, forums and workshops, Visual SG not only raises awareness of
the burgeoning field of big data, it also aims to provoke conversations on the significant role
of data analytics in today’s business and societal contexts.
Now into its third year, the Festival seeks to expand in scope and geographical reach. As
Visual SG makes connective strides in linking up to other regional festivals such as the Festival
of Scientific Visualisation in Japan, the Centre projects that Visual SG has the potential to
become Asia’s premier Visualisation Festival. Science Centre Singapore is thus seeking
strategic partnerships and alliances to develop and brand Visual SG as Asia’s best focal point
celebration of data science.
The theme for Visual SG this year is “Beauty in Patterns”. There is rich data intrinsic in both
natural patterns as well as man-made permutations. Adapting from this, the Industry forum
will explore the various trend shifts in big data, open data and data analytics and how these
add up to make us more connected and smart!