Thomas Heinrich Musiolik

Visiting Doctoral Researcher

Thomas Heinrich Musiolik studied international business and international Management (focus on marketing and communication) at universities in Breda (Netherland) and Berlin (Germany). Since 2011, he has been investigating the functions of the brain and the influence of digital media. The goal of his work is to understand the customer needs and to map these findings in a dynamic model and to integrate them into the digital space, as a fully automated interface. The result would be automated and perfect experiences. Musiolik is a Ph.D student at the University of Arts Berlin and conducts research on multisensory communication and brand experiences in digital media. He is researching the possibilities of creating an experience in digital media and the future of digital brand management. Of course, we can see and hear on the Internet - but what about smell? What about taste and touch? Brands can reach these senses in the digital space by applying the research findings on human brain functionality - and in doing this, unlocking the remarkable power of a multisensory experience. He is looking for answers such as: What is the digital branding of the future? How can the five senses be addressed in order to initiate multisensory branding experiences in the digital media? What are the changes caused by digitalization? Which brand code is for what, what emotions and feelings does it trigger, how does it have to look, to enable multisensory brand communication in digital media, to ultimately make the brand of the future in digital space tangible. Musiolik is Lecturer for Digital Experience, Digital Storytelling, Online Communication and Social Media at German, Swiss, Austrian and Polish universities. He is also author of several books and articles in journals specializing in Marketing & Communication.