The Imagineering Institute is a new research lab with the vision "Invent the Future of Internet". It is a collaboration with City University London, Osaka University Japan, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), and Multimedia University (MMU). Imagineering Institute (IDM Lab Sdn Bhd) is the first independent multi-disciplinary internet and digital media research & development (R&D) institute. It is the first research lab in Nusajaya, focusing on internet, digital media, and mixed reality research, while providing an entrepreneurial incubation space for start-ups. The imaginative application of engineering sciences or Imagineering is done in the lab and it involves three main strands of work, namely:

Imaginative Envisioning

The projections and viewpoints of artists and designers


Extrapolation of recent and present technological developments, making imaginative but credible (do-able) scenarios, and simulating the future

Creative Engineering

New product design, prototyping, and demonstration work of engineers, computer scientists, and designers

Technology, Art, and Creativity

Imagineering Institute aims to push research boundaries in the area of new interactive media technology through the combination of technology, art, and creativity. The lab conducts research, development and monetization in the following areas (non-exclusive): Mixed Reality, Internet Digital Media, Pervasive Computing, Wearable Technology, Multisensory and Communication


The establishment of a multi-disciplinary research institute is a compelling opportunity due to the following reasons:

Our Research Team

Yair Goldfinger
Tan Yinglan
Charles Thomas
The Hangout CEO
Prof. Lars Andersen
Global Research Fellow
Prof. P. Gopalakrishnakone
Global Research Fellow
Prof. Hiroshi Ishiguro
Global Research Fellow
Prof.Barry Smith
Global Research Fellow
Prof. Ken Mogi
Global Research Fellow
Prof. Ichiya Nakamura
Global Research Fellow
Prof. Anton Nijholt
Global Research Fellows
Prof. Naohisa Ohta
Global Research Fellow
Prof. Charles Spence
Global Research Fellow
Prof. Teresa Romão
Global Research Fellow
Dr. John Neil Sugden
Research Scientist(Alumni)
Dr. Hiroki Nishino
Research Fellow(Alumni)
Dr. Chamari Edirisinghe
Research Fellow
Dr. Kasun Karunanayaka
Research Fellow
Dr. Olivia Petit
Research Fellow(Alumni)
Dr. Carlos Velasco
Research Fellow(Alumni)
Stefania Sini
Research Fellow
Research Computer Wizard
Prem Anton
Chief Laboratory Research Engineer(Alumni)
Azrina Khamis
Administration Officer
Rasyidah Abd Rani
Special Projects Assistant
Admin Assistant
HR & Administration Officer(Alumni)
Laboratory Driver
Emma Yann Zhang
PhD Student (London)
PhD Student (Finland)
Somaiyeh Vedadi
PhD student
Master Student (Japan)
Shogo Nishiguchi
Master Student (Japan)
Iqmal Fajri
Yek Chu Kee

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Latest update

  • Sep, 30

    Speech at Design & Emotion Conference in Amsterdam

    Professor Adrian David Cheok was invited to be a thought leader at the 10th Conference on Design & Emotion held in Amsterdam this year from September 27 to 30.

    The International Conference on Design & Emotion is a forum held every other year where practitioners, researchers and industry leaders meet and exchange knowledge and insights concerning the cross-disciplinary field of design and emotion, such as social science, humanities, engineering, computer science, HCI, psychology, cognitive science, health sciences, marketing and business.

    Design & Emotion went from being the rookie in the field to –and this sounds scary– belonging to the establishment. This 10th edition is an excellent moment to discuss the next 15 years. The Design & Emotion community has proven to be dedicated and committed, the ideal group in a relevant discussion like this. Therefore,The conference invited 8 thought leaders to host theme oriented sessions, exploring and discussin

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    Sep, 22

    Adrian Cheok awarded Distinguished Alumni award by University of Adelaide


    Professor Adrian David Cheok was awarded the Distinguished Alumni Awards by University of Adelaide in recognition of his achievements and contribution in the field of Computing, Engineering and Multisensory communication. The Distinguished Alumni Awards recognise the outstanding contribution and significant impact made by alumni of the University.

    Professor Adrian Cheok obtained a Bachelor of Engineerin

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