About The Hangout

The Hangout program is a start-up acceleration program incorporated within the institute. We aim to be the world first start-up entrepreneur space located inside a research laboratory.   Entrepreneurs will have full access to highly advanced lab tools and machines for prototyping. In addition, there will be a symbiosis between academic researchers and entrepreneurs. We will have a world leading Hangout Board of Mentors and Advisors from all part of the world who are already successful entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. Visit our website at http://thehangout.biz for more information and to get in touch with us.


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Hangout Vision: Create a local and global network

  • Create a global network with partners in North America and Europe and a local network in Asia
  • Become a functional business portal between the global and local networks
  • Partner with the local community, corporates and the academia
  • Target fresh graduates and entrepreneurs who possess corporate R&D experience
  • Partner with the local start-up community in Malaysia and Singapore for shared services and expertise to minimize our initial overhead costs and speed up the implementation of our Accelerator programme
  • Liaise with international and reputable academic institutions, to provide a tried and tested start-up programme and act as our first port of global positioning
  • Use the existing mentor and venture capital programmes in the existing start-up ecosystems of Malaysia and Singapore
  • Contact Fortune 500 R&D departments to recruit mentors based on the business content of each Start-up, where mentors can receive innovative ideas which may help them in their industry as well as meeting the next generation of entrepreneurs
  • Create a strong identity as a challenge-based accelerator to become the first hub of choice for corporations and philanthropists who wish to be involved in the development of new ideas
  • Bring innovative technologies into rural communities in Malaysia, to enforce those isolated communities with the capabilities of new technology and communication to enhance their lifestyle

Hangout Methodology
Our Hangout programme will have the following methodology:

(A) PITCHING PHASE (Operating in 3 month cycles)
(a) To determine the potential of each applicant, their prospective idea, and their likeliness of adopting the Incubator’s approach and philosophy through the facilitation of the start-up team
(b) Shape and direct the approach on how new applicants should structure and pitch their ideas to the start-up team

(B) VALUE VALIDATION PHASE (Operating in 2 month cycles)
(a) To support and mentor each Start-up in testing their initial concept by prototyping a minimum viable product and getting it in front of real users
(b) To conduct multiple experiments to explore whether users benefit from the product in real life situations

(C) COMMERCIAL VALIDATION PHASE (Operating in 6 month cycles)
(a) To support and mentor each Start-up as they experiment to prove their commercial model and scalability
(b) To validate the commercial model hypothesis

Our Hangout aims to support, build networks and promote collaboration among companies, schools, colleges, charities, social enterprises and local authorities. The lab is committed to create a more inclusive tech cluster and subsequently form a world class accelerator team by mining top professionals in the industry.

 Imagineering Institute is the first lab of its kind to integrate blue skies research and accelerator programme for start-up companies through the commercialization of IPs. Entrepreneurs are given the chance to work side by side with academic researchers, building a symbiotic benefit by combining entrepreneurs’ commercial input and world-class researchers’ technical advice.

 Our lab will be a magnet for entrepreneurs who wish to develop ideas within the themes of :

  1. Interactive City
  2. Connect and Play
  3. Social Engagement
  4. Multimodal Social Semiotics
  5. Multimedia Analysis and Understanding
  6. Advanced Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)
  7. Mixed Reality
  8. Smart Wearable Technology
  9. Interactive Media for Business
  10. Haptic Touch Interfaces
  11. Smell and Taste Interfaces
  12. Neuroscience
  13. Neuro-marketing
  14. Robotics
  15. Psychology
  16. Developing Computer Chat Agents

Our long term goals and benefits to Malaysia

  • Unique laboratory in the world – Blue sky research and entrepreneurship
  • Creative and innovative ecosystem in Iskandar –
    We will be under on the global radar.
  • Support Malaysian entrepreneurs.
  • Generate investment ideas that will benefit many sectors in Malaysia.
  • Grow the IDM industry in Malaysia.
  • Support the strategic national agenda – push towards moving up the value chain within the technology sector

Imagineering Institute is the first independent multidisciplinary Internet and Digital Media Research & Development (“R&D”) Institute and Start-up Incubation space combined. This is also the first Research Lab in Nusajaya. We focus on inventing the future of the Internet.


Research conducts by the Imagineering Institute fall into the
following cross-cutting research areas


  • Interactive City
  • Connect and Play
  • Social Engagement
  • Mixed Reality
  • Smart Wearable Tehcnology
  • Interactive Media for Business
  • Multimodal Social Semiotics
  • Multimedia Analysis and Understanding
  • Advanced Human-Computer Interaction
  • Haptic Touch Interfaces
  • Robotics
  • Smell & Taste Interfaces
  • Neuroscience & Psychology


Our Headquarters

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