Why do we think tiny things are cute? | Popular Science

Why do we think tiny things are cute?

There are a few reasons, but we’re hard-wired to find small things adorable.


By Dana G. Smith, August 28, 2018



cute monkey looking in the mirror


What would inspire someone to painstakingly craft an inch-and-a-half-long burrito

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Versatilist with Adrian Cheok – by The Versatilist

Versatilist with Adrian Cheok

by The Versatilist, September 17, 2018

In this episode of the Versatilist, I speak with Adrian Cheok, who is doing some utterly fascinating work with developing technologies to virtually deliver taste and smell.

CONGRATULATIONS to Imagineering Institute Research Fellow Dr. Bosede Edwards for being awarded the prestigious IEEE 2018 Frontiers in Education Faculty Fellow!

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