Sonic Metaphors

By Predrag K Nikolic, Adrian David Cheok


Sonic Interaction Design (SID) is an interdisciplinary design approach where sound has a main role in development of user’s interactions with electronic devices or digital system and giving them meanings. SID research falls within a diverse range of emerging disciplines and approaches researching tactile, performative, and multisensory aspects of sonic experience.

Sonic Metaphors is research project directed toward exploration of how interactive user experience can be enhanced if human values and cognition directs the process of designing content and services. In particular we are using sonic interaction design and potentials of sound interfaces to develop new interaction paradigm applicable to various contextual systems such as computer games, smart housing, education and urban playful environments. It combines several art and design works based on sound interactions: Interactive Installations Vrroom and Before & Beyond, In-Visible Island and recently started set of In-Visible Sculptures where sound interactions and combined with magnetic frictions as artistic medium.

Sonic interactions experience is designed upon relationship between objects, actions, and sounds and as such should be considered as important element in studies which are directed toward sonic interaction design research. We are proposing usage of sonic metaphors to give a new meaning to these relationship, enrich user experience toward more synesthetic, memorable and meaningful.