Saša Arsovski

Senior Research Fellow 

Having more then tweny-years experience as an IT developer. Receive PhD on the department for Applied Computer Science and Informatics, Faculty of Technical Science, University Novi Sad, Serbia He build and implemented a large number of information systems. Since 2004 he have been working as an independent associate for the development of ICT in the Guarantee Fund of AP Vojvodina and as visiting Professor on the International University in Novi Pazar, Serbia and as Visiting Professor on the Faculty for Economy and Management, Novi Sad, Serbia. Received an award by the Union of ICT Societies of Serbia (JISA, DISKOBOLOS 2009) for contributing to the development of ICT. Author and co-author of more than twenty research papers published in peer-reviewed international conferences and international journals. Member of the board of International reviewers at the “Informing Science Institute”, USA.