Privacy Policy

Your privacy and personal information

You agree that Imagineering Institute (IDM Lab Sdn Bhd or the lab and any direct subsidiaries) may save and analyze your data. You agree that your conversation is visible on Internet and the lab may use conversational data obtained through your live chat or chatbot. The lab will never disclose the source of used data to a third party.


Cookies are pieces of information about your visits to the sites. When visiting the site, a cookie (information file) is installed on your computer. On the one hand, cookies provide simplicity and speed, on the other, however, they also constitute invasion into privacy or create possibilities for subsequently directed advertising.

Cookies contain basic information about your visit to a certain site. The first information refers to the name of your computer or your name, followed by the name of the site you visited. Cookie content is stored on your computer in a special directory. You can obtain detailed information about the visited website, date and hour by double-clicking the file. Besides, all data is also stored by the manager of the site you visited that enables the manager to obtain extensive information on you computer’s hardware and your Internet use.

Cookies can be deleted, disabled or used under certain circumstances by changing the browser’s settings. Most browsers are configured to accept cookies by default while they reject any cookie that does not originate from the region entered in the header line.

Your content and distribution

You will keep any copyright and other rights you already have in all the content you post or submit on the Services. By doing so, you allow the lab to reproduce, modify, publish, publicly display and distribute the content on the Services on a worldwide and royalty-free basis. You understand that the lab transmits or distribute your content to the manager of the site you have visited. The lab will not distribute your data to the third party.