The establishment of a multi-disciplinary research institute is a compelling opportunity due to the following reasons:


One of the world’s most unique laboratories

Imagineering Institute is the first lab of its kind to integrate blue skies research and an accelerator programme for start-up companies through the commercialization of IPs. Entrepreneurs are given the chance to work side by side with academic researchers, building a symbiotic benefit by combining entrepreneurs’ commercial input and world-class researchers’ technical advice.


Enhances the creative and innovative ecosystem in Iskandar

The institute is envisioned to be a hotbed for high-impact R&D in a relatively nascent Malaysian IDM industry. Furthermore, the successful commercialization of projects emerging from the institute, along with partnerships with renowned research labs, will potentially place both the institute and Iskandar on the global radar.


Support Malaysian entrepreneurs

By emulating an incubator programme for start-up companies, Imagineering Institute is able to develop the local talent pool and support their R&D efforts towards commercialization. Participants of the incubator programme will benefit greatly from the institute’s physical infrastructure and extensive global network of academics, corporates and Khazanah’s investee companies.


Generates investment ideas

As an R&D hotbed, the research institute can provide Malaysian companies direct visibility of up and coming IDM technologies. Given the research areas that the institute is focusing on and the multi-disciplinary talent that it is expected to attract, Malaysia is bound to benefit greatly and its impact will be clearly seen across all sectors.


Develops and enhances the digital media industry in Malaysia

The institute’s differentiated scenario-driven R&D approach fosters multi-disciplinary collaborations and strengthens IDM R&D in Malaysia. Furthermore, the institute’s partnerships with academic institutions both locally and internationally can ensure a sustainable pipeline of talent into IDM specifically, and Malaysia in general.


Supports the country’s strategic agenda

While Malaysia has shown excellence in the electronics commodity industry, there has been an increasing need to move up the value chain within the technology sector. Malaysia can gain competitive advantage by identifying the technology winners of tomorrow rather than just producing and consuming foreign technology.


Able to publish world leading academic papers

Our research aims to be visionary, quantum step ground-breaking research. Our researchers and Ph.D. students will aim to submit and publish at the world’s best academic conferences and journals. This will increase the international impact of Malaysian-grown research.