Kevin S Bielawski

Dr. Kevin S Bielawski

Research Fellow

Kevin Bielawski is a researcher in the field of mechanical engineering working on magnetic devices. Kevin completed his PhD at the University of Washington, where he developed technologies for use in medical diagnostic and research devices. He developed microposts using a magnetic polymer to understand viscoelastic properties of biomaterials, then he expanded on this technology to develop magnetic microposts to pull on shear-developed platelet clots. He also created a magnetic device to measure the real-time force output of engineered heart tissues in a tissue culture dish. Previously, Kevin spent three years working as a maintenance engineer at an oil refinery, and he completed his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in mechanical engineering at the University of Michigan. Kevin has also worked as a technical licensing fellow, researching the market potential for new innovations developed at the University of Washington. Kevin is currently a Research Fellow at the Imagineering Institute.