Iqmal Fajri Abdul Muiz


Iqmal Fajri bin Abdul Muiz, born and raised in Johor Bahru, this degree graduate in Computer Graphics from Limkokwing University had made his steps to build his career after graduation.

He gained a lot of experience in the local entertainment industry when he became Editor of the magazine AstroView and Aksi AF, a special edition magazine for the number one reality show Akademi Fantasia. He also has broad experience in handling event management. 

When he was in the Yayasan Al- Tarbiyah Malaysia, he manage to gain experience in activities and motivational talk for entrepreneurs and students of schools and colleges.

Currently he continued his career as The Hangout Manager at the Imagineering Institute aiming to assists in the development of young entrepreneurs that will catalyze the country’s economy towards better.