In-Visible Sculptures

By Predrag K Nikolic, Kevin Bielawski, Ruhiyati Idayu Abu TalibAdrian David Cheok

In-Visible Sculptures is new media art phenomena where we are combining magnetic frictions and contextual sonic metaphors as artistic creative medium. It is one more project which uses Mix Experiential Reality to diminish body limitations and deliver equal multi-sensory experience to everybody.

The essential phenomenon regarding experience development involves a relationship between unconscious processes and perception of artworks, dreams, fantasies, and so on. That is the foundation upon which In-Visible Sculptures are trying to build joint experiences and start the processes between participants and participants and the author. They are completely non-material artefacts and as such purely experiential, capable to respond with multisensory feedback to visitor’s actions or stimulate emotions upon given meanings by engaged individuals.

Conceptually In-Visible Sculptures are referring to the antimatter-matter asymmetry, creating a space where antimatter meets matter and annihilate into energy. As such, in the project In-Visible Sculptures we are trying to augment perception and move it from dominantly semiotic to more heuristic and to open space for new realties and qualities of meanings.

Beside that we are trying to expanding field of expressive creative mediums choices toward new frontiers where focus will be on abstract multi-sensory experiential rather than physical reality, more emotionally then technologically based.