Hasmik Osipyan

Research Fellow

Hasmik Osipyan has received her PhD from National Polytechnic University of Armenia. Her main area of interest is the development of efficient GPU-based programs, a research area that has been accelerated by the rapid increase in data processing requirements across a variety of domains. Along with the experience in academia, she has been working as a developer in different industry companies like EGS, Synopsys, ST Kinetics, etc. This arrangement provided her with invaluable experience in both lines of work.

She has won several international awards including an Excellence Scholarship from Switzerland Government, after which she spent one year doing research at Viper group in the Department of Computer Science of Geneva University. Since then, she has mainly concentrated on implementing machine learning and information retrieval algorithms on GPU architectures. Working with the Viper group at the University of Geneva and collaborating with the professors at Charles University in Prague, she has published several papers in different prestigious international conferences.

Currently, she is Research Fellow at the Imagineering Institute in Malaysia where she continues her research in the area of machine learning, information retrieval and GPU programming.