Yoda Teacher Bot Project

By Somaiyeh Vedadi*, Adrian David Cheok

Technology-supported learning is a learning method that involve information and communication technologies in the class room learning environment. Reports from various studies validated the ability of Teacher Bot technology to influence learning much more positively than other forms of multimedia. This technologies as the learning techniques for represents a novel approach to the multimedia based learning methodologies. In this project, we will apply Artificial intelligence conversation agent’s (CA) techniques as technology-supported learning methods for the English vocabulary learning in primary school. For developing this project we used AIML 2.0 technology. This project have two part , first conversation part and second, evaluation part, the subject that we try to teach students was about global warming, after that the students chat with this Yoda Teacher Bot they answer the related questions of Global warming. In this Project, we also put the dictionary part for each vocabulary that they don’t know. We focused on the effects of a Yoda Teacher Bot in primary school student’s vocabulary acquisition, and their perceived motivation of the instructional material. The project is aimed to implement and evaluate Teacher Bot driven methods for learning English as a Second Language (ESL) for primary school students.