By Predrag K Nikolic, Adrian David Cheok


MerticArt is an ongoing art/research project which includes several interactive installations such as MIndCather Essentiality, MIndCather Universality, MindCatcher I universe etc. The project has intention to further explore potential of artistic interactive environments for better understanding of human creativity. Few factors considered as substantial to extract and investigate, such as embodied perception, sensory information as emotional triggers, collaboration in virtual space and behavioural changes affected with interaction. For the research purposes, we have developed numeric user path finder we are using as instrumental for artistic and design process.

From the viewpoint of a pragmatic cognitive psychology, executively controlled processes are favoured over spontaneous forms of organization. The role of that process is to lead the creative expression toward realization of specific plans and expectations incorporated in the conceptual ideas of the artwork. From other side, controlled process can be seriously destructed, in the sense of creativity, if it is restricted to the automatic information extraction kind in which decoding sensory features leads rapidly to the object identification. The visual effects of natural scenes or artistic styles, unconscious projection, dream work, and synaesthesia, all could be included in the processes. Sometimes the pressure of a stimulus configuration overwhelms perception, whereas at other times purpose guides the selection of stimulus features, but usually the two processes interact.

MetricArt is a novel artistic process in Interactive Iterative Art which tends to move research space toward more aesthetical and metaphorical environments and contribute to art/design conceptual framework based on multi-sensory, co-creative and human-centred design.