Future of Food

By Predrag K Nikolic, Kasun Thejitha Karunanayaka, Adrian David Cheok, Ruhiyati Idayu Abu Talib

Project Future of Food is futuristic art/design exhibition conceptualised as unique gastronomic experience settled in virtual reality restaurant and phantasmagoric candy shop where visitors are served by chief robot, meals are floating on magnetic field and augmented with digital smells and tastes.

This project embraces several Lab’s experiments (taste and smell interfaces, magnetic table, and VR dining) and Mugaritz Restaurant unique dining experience with intention to re-define meaning of food as well as to widen frontiers for multi-sensory transition toward novel virtual food consumption and transferable sensory sensations.

Beside artistic and design tendencies this project has ambitious research goals directed toward exploration of cross-model, synesthetic and multimodal perception connected with food as well as food as communication medium.

This project is result of collaboration between Imagineering Institute-Malaysia, Mugaritz-Spain, University of Turku-Finland, and Singapore Science Centre-Singapore.